Westlake Village Coffee House.

There are better alternatives to the big coffee companies. You can get a more homemade cup of coffee that is more filling and yummy from the coffee house in Westlake Village, The Stonehaus. They have so many different options that you are able to order that can give you the taste you are looking for. You can give to small business that help the community grow and prosper when you don’t get your coffee from a big corporation. From this coffee house you are able to get both hot and cold coffees. Mochas, hazelnut, and even lattes from here as well.


The best part about this Westlake Village coffee house is that their coffees can even be bought by the bag. That is right, if you love their coffee so much but are planning on traveling, or just love making your own coffee you can even purchase their delicious coffees for your home and travel spaces. This gives you variety. You can have a nice morning in and still not have to compromise on the quality or taste of your coffee. We know how particular coffee drinkers can be and that is why they are so picky on how they make their coffees perfect.