Humerus Fracture in Horses

Humerus fracture in horses occurs mainly due to bone weakening that can be associated with any pre-existing stress fracture. These types of fractures commonly occur on the neck of the humerus and cranial aspect of any the important distal area of the cortex. A complete fracture of a humerus is mainly said to be caused by stress fracture happening on the neck of the humerus.
Performance Issues
Horses affected by a humeral stress fracture will be unwilling to perform, but you might not see any lameness in their right front leg or left from a leg. These are other things that might happen to horses:
– The lameness of a horse might be solved quickly, though the stress fracture might not have any the time to heal.- Some horses might have severe to mild lameness.
Humeral Stress Fracture
A humeral stress fracture occurs in horses that are training or that are coming back from any layup. If a horse has transitory lameness or is performing poorly you should think about a humeral stress fracture. And SynNutra Equine can help you keep your horse healthy.

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