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When it comes to European inspired dining, no one does it better than the Stonehaus restaurant. Located in Westlake village CA, it boasts of being the best winery in the state. With their well paired appetizers and the exquisite collection of desert options, this is the best restaurant to take your hunger pangs. There is no longer the need to struggle getting a table at a European restaurant as Stonehaus takes care of all your needs with meals prepared from healthy, seasonal and fresh ingredients.

The drinks range from freshly ground delicious coffee to a selection of wine that will have you looking at the menu for at least five minutes. And pairing your wine selection with their charcuterie will only leave your taste buds craving for more. To top is all off is an outdoor pizza oven where meals are made to order with only the finest ingredients the land can produce. It is no doubt that Stonehaus is the best restaurant around.

An overview on how to book a hotel at the Westlake Village Inn

When you need to book a hotel at the Westlake Village Inn, you must know the procedure to follow when doing it right. Here is a guide on how to book a hotel at the Westlake Village Inn.

First, you need to know that you can do it online. When you do visit the website, you can always find facts that would help you book the hotel online by just a click of the button. Westlake Village Inn often offers discounts for booking online making it on of the best hotels. Online booking can be a good avenue for a person to save money when looking for a place where you can have fun during your holidays. When booking online, you will be able to complete the process faster at Westlake Village Inn. Online booking will enable you take a tour of the hotel virtually before deciding on what to do. Book a hotel room at the Westlake Village Inn today!

Mediterraneo Restaurant in Westlake Village, CA

Mediterraneo restaurant in Westlake Village, CA is a modern bar and cocktail lounge with a wide range of musical elements that you can enjoy during your holidays. The club gas salsa dances and night club parties that you can enjoy in the city. With the modern forms of entertainment, you will always be satisfied when you visit them especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

This Mediterraneo restaurant also sell wines and spirits with an extended cigar selection and scotch menu. They offer some of the best meals at the best prices. You will feast, drink and have fun at an affordable cost. This is a perfect venue where you can celebrate your big event by having exclusive Cabanas as well as VIP seating that will make your celebrations truly unforgettable. They have all you would need during your tour in the city. When you choose Mediterraneo restaurant in Westlake Village, you will enjoy yourself to the fullest in the city.

Bogies Bar: The Most Fashionable Hotel Bar in Westlake Village California.

There are thousands of hotel bars in Westlake Village California but nothing compares to Bogies Bar. Conveniently and strategically located on the Westlake Village Inn grounds, the bar provides lush and private surroundings. The staff members are disciplined, friendly and easily approachable. We take pride in featuring the best cuisine and libations. The bar has continued to receive very high ratings with regard to its catering services. Come and celebrate your special event and we will give you top-notch services which will highly exceed your expectations.

If you are looking for a place to relax, unwind and enjoy some great music, we are the perfect place for you. Bogies Bar treats all its highly esteemed customers to numerous exciting events and lives music every night in all the seven days of the week. The bar is adequately stocked with different top quality drinks and refreshments. You will be assigned with your personal waitress who will see to it that you are properly supplied with the proper ingredients such as ice, garnishes, sodas, and juices to prepare your drinks. Bogies Bar is definitely the most fashionable hotel bar in Westlake Village.

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