Coffee Shop Located in Westlake Village

Looking for a place to get your morning cup of coffee? The Stonehaus is a Westlake Village café that offers different types of coffee options. All of the coffee is brewed in house. This makes it fresh and delicious. If you want a great place to have a nice cup of coffee, then coming down to The Stonehaus is a great way to test out new coffees. You do not even need to come in the morning for some coffee, if you’re looking for a late night study session and need a cup to keep you up, you can still come to this café for a nice cup of coffee.


If you are a coffee lover, you need to check out this Westlake Village coffee shop. They make their coffee extremely fresh. They even make some Instagram worthy lattes. With the beautiful froth designs on top of the cup, that are just amazing to look at and photograph. Whether you are looking for the next spot to post on your social media, or if you are honestly looking for a great cup of coffee, you should check out this coffee shop.

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