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When it comes to European inspired dining, no one does it better than the Stonehaus restaurant. Located in Westlake village CA, it boasts of being the best winery in the state. With their well paired appetizers and the exquisite collection of desert options, this is the best restaurant to take your hunger pangs. There is no longer the need to struggle getting a table at a European restaurant as Stonehaus takes care of all your needs with meals prepared from healthy, seasonal and fresh ingredients.

The drinks range from freshly ground delicious coffee to a selection of wine that will have you looking at the menu for at least five minutes. And pairing your wine selection with their charcuterie will only leave your taste buds craving for more. To top is all off is an outdoor pizza oven where meals are made to order with only the finest ingredients the land can produce. It is no doubt that Stonehaus is the best restaurant around.

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