An happy hour for Bogie\’s Bar in Westlake Village, CA

Bogie’s Bar in Westlake Village, CA is a cocktail lounge and premier bar that features a variety of range of musical elements from the acoustic happy hour to club nights to salsa when looking for fun. When you visit them, you will get a full entertainment that will make you remember your best times in the city.
Bogie’s takes pride in the wide large selection of wines and spirits that you would drink when you do visit them. In addition, they have an extended scotch of menu as well as cigar selection that you can enjoy when looking for fun on your weekends.

Bogie’s Bar in the Westlake Village, CA is another perfect venue where you can celebrate any big event since they have VIP seating and exclusive Cabanas to make that special day or occasion truly unforgettable. During their happy hour, you will always enjoy your favorite drinks and soft music that would sooth your soul and body.

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