Visiting A Winery Tasting Room.

Most tasting rooms are similar in operations. When entering a tasting room, a staff member will welcome you. Walk up to the tasting bar and request to taste some of the wines they have. Some wineries will charge for tastings while others will not. Occasionally a memorial glass is offered once you pay for a tasting fee. You might have a chance to sample all the wines you like to on their menu, or pick a certain number of wines to sample.

Allow the winery attendant to guide you through the tasting. Stonehaus, a restaurant in Westlake Village has experienced consultants who will pour you the wine and tell you what you’re about to taste and smell. Others will ask you what you discern about the wines. There is a particular risk that winery staff take if they ask for your opinion.

A visit to a winery tasting room is a great venture. Just try and check the number of wineries you visit in a single day. Note that wineries are less crowded during the weekdays.

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