West Lake Village Inn- The Hub of Business Meetings!

A business meeting venue is a special event. Its corporate nature demands a particular environment that is quite different from that needed by social gatherings. Depending on the gravity of issues discussed in any meeting, it is imperative to find a place that offers everything you need to arrive at a successful event.

The Westgate Village Inn is a hotel and resort that provides flexible services. It implies that this setting is practically suitable for any business meeting. It covers 14,000 square feet making it an ideal setting for any group irrespective of the size. It offers a myriad of business services like executive retreats and simple multiday conferences.

This facility also provides professional event planners to help in setting up and executing business meetings. It serves as assurance that all your meetings turn out to be a success, Its proximity to the Westgate Village Inn golf course and the beautiful private lake makes it an ideal setting for meetings and business events.

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