All You Need To Know About Wine Tasting

Many people think wine tastings are an activity reserved for an elite of experts, for sommeliers or at least require years of experience, study and practice. This is certainly true when it comes to wine tastings to select a wine for restaurants or collectors but anybody can explore different types for their personal use and learn to taste the difference between a wine of high quality and a table wine. If you follow some simple rules you can even easily organize a tasting at home with your friends as a fun and special alternative to an evening at home with some drinks and snacks. It is also a great activity before dinner instead of an aperitif. The next step is making sure the wine has the right temperature, this is usually indicated on the label, and then pour it in the glasses. Smell the wine and discover the typical aromas of the wine before rotating the glass and smelling again. Taste by taking a small sip and passing it between the tongue and the palate, inhaling a small amount of air to enhance the perception of aromas. If interested in wine tasting in Westlake Village please get yourself at The Stonehaus. There you’ll find the perfect wine tasting of all types!

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