A Wonderful Westlake Village Brunch

It’s Sunday and you and your girls have yet to find a Westlake Village brunch to hit up and catch everyone up on your week. That is where Mediterraneo has you covered. That’s right they have a wonderful brunch menu that will satisfy your entire crew. They know that every brunch needs a little alcoholic addition, which is why they have an array of drinks that fit anyone’s favorite brunch pairing. They have also added some gluten free options to satisfy your food sensitive girl as well. You will leave this brunch satisfied in hunger and in knowing you now have a set Sunday brunch spot.


Come at any time of the day to test out The Mediterraneo. The Mediterraneo are a restaurant located in Westlake Village. This is a restaurant that is truly fantastic at keeping up with the times and what is trendy. They have been adding more and more vegan options to their menus to keep up with those who are now choosing to have dietary restrictions, and have added brunch to their menus. And let’s be real who doesn’t love a good brunch, there is a reason it is such a trend nowadays. You can bet that they will stay fresh and add to their menus what people are really wanting.