Get Brunch in Westlake Village

Brunch seems to be the newest trend. Going out with your friends and getting breakfast food with some mimosas. It is a great way for you to enjoy some times wiht your friends while also feeling like you're staying relevant. The Mediterraneo is great restaurant in Westlake Village that serves brunch. One of the cool things about this brunch is that there isn't only one alcholic beverage to be served with the meal. You can go classic mimosa but you can branch out as well. 


This Westlake Village brunch spot, will give you the option of a mimosa, bloody mary, bellini, sangria, and even beer options. Having more choices makes it so you can come back to more brunches with new things to try. Or you can keep coming back because what you always get is a hit. Either way this restaurant has the best brunch in Westlake Village. 

Wine Tour

Westlake Village Inn is a resort located in Westlake Village. They own their own private vineyard where they can produce some delicious wines. This resort offers a Westlake Village wine tour. This tour can be quite romantic and the perfect option for a weekend getaway. Westlake Village is such a unique place for a wine tasting get away because they make their own wines. 


Enjoy a casusal wine tasting for you and your partner to really get into the wine. This includes tasting of five different wines and small pairings to go with them. This romantic wine tour makes for a perfect weekend getaway.